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Our Mission:

There are two main goals of the Chase 'n' Ricky Foundation: one will be fundraising to benefit mental health services and suicide prevention efforts, and the other, campaigning for public awareness. It is our hope that we can raise society's understanding of mental diseases and the debilitating depressions that many suffer. One thing every person should take note of is suicide is as equally preventable as it is devastating. We need to change the way we respond to those at risk exhibiting the classic signs, as well as the signs that may be clouded by drug use. People tend to be so closed off to suicide until that reality is upon them simply because they don't know how to react. In fact, we can react by educating the public and making this an issue we can all be more comfortable approaching. We believe we can help those experiencing depression overcome the shame and alienation they experience. Most of the funds raised by the Chase 'n' Ricky Foundation will increase the number of well-educated and well-trained counselors of which we are in need. We will keep the "fun" in fundraising by sharing $2 bills with our information on them to get people to visit our website. Once they on our page, we will have $2 challenges. Once challenged and donated, we'll encourage them to pass the $2 bill to someone else so that they might be challenged as well.

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We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that is fundraising for suicide prevention and mental health awareness. Your donations will help us pay for counselors to treat those suffering from this invisible burden.


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Wear a t-shirt and paracord jewelry that supports the cause to help those who are depressed and need assistance from trained professionals. Our clothing will help end the stigma attached to mental illness.


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About the Chase 'n' Ricky Foundation

May 18th is a date that the Chase 'n' Ricky Foundation will always remember, as it is the date when Blake, our Vice President and Treasurer's cousin and a promising young cheerleader at Troy University, committed suicide. We commiserated his passing with people who loved him. After meeting various individuals with survivor stories, we were left wondering, "Why couldn't Blake have been a survivor, and why did he have to die?" We turned our sorrow into action and decided to raise money and help others who were heading down Blake's tragic path.

Blake didn't have many options for mental health assistance, as the town he lived in was very small. If someone did manage to get some help, there would be a long delay. Schools tend to send those who need professional help back home, instead of trying to help them. This lapse of responsibility only exacerbates the situation. The Chase 'n' Ricky Foundation is trying to change people's perspective about mental health. We're encouraging those who are suffering to get help for suicidal thoughts. The sudden loss that comes from a suicide leaves a great hole in the hearts of the ones left behind.

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